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             I was born in beautiful downtown Burbank, California and grew up in the best of times in Southern California. When I was growing up, I walked to grade school, junior high and high school and the front door of our house was never locked. My boyfriends all had very cool cars. I attended USC and graduated with a degree in Psychology.
            When I first became interested in painting, I found an article in "Art in America" showing some of the most incredible photoreal paintings I had ever seen. I thought if only I could learn how to paint like that, I would be in heaven. I was at NYU at Stony Brook with my then husband, Richard Gardner, who was teaching Anthropology there.
             A friend suggested I talk to one of the instructors in the Art Department who might be helpful. I waited until his class was adjourned and showed him the pictures of my favorite paintings and asked "Can you teach me how to paint like this?" He looked at the paintings and then at me and said, "Yes, I guess so. Those are my paintings". It was Malcolm Morley, who is now considered to be the "Father of Photorealism". I began to study with him and also took classes from Mel Pekarsky and the wonderful Lawrence Alloway who was married to Sylvia Sleigh.
             My earliest paintings were painted using a grid--cutting up an image into small one inch squares. By painting one square at a time and carefully paying attention, I was able to stay in the very center of the paint experience. There was no beginning, no ending--only the "middle" or "present" part of enjoying the beautiful, sexy oil paint being applied to canvas. I also initially only used a palette knife to apply the paint so the paintings up close were totally abstract, and then by standing further back from the canvas the painting became totally photoreal.
              I moved back to Los Angeles and got a job working at the Creative Artists Agency.  I was an assistant to Amy Grossman and Ron Meyer and became totally obsessed with films. I ended up working on low budget non-union films in the Art Department  for Roger Corman. Eventually my friend Rae Fox and I Production Designed cult favorites such as "Sid and Nancy", "Repo Man" and "Born in East L.A." (the last won Best Art Direction at the Havana Film Festival out of 90 films).
               Today I am continuing my film career, for the last 14 years as a union Set Decorator on movies and television sit-coms such as "Mad About You", "According to Jim",  "Less Than Perfect" and currently on a new show called "Mike & Molly".  I have continued to paint all these years in a nice painting studio with barn doors opening out into the yard. I have sold work and done commissions for friends and acquaintances, and now want to show my work and become a thriving artist. I am totally addicted to the process of painting and love listening to audio books while I paint. Life continues to be beautiful. So welcome to my website and enjoy.
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